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a global network of storytelling activists


about us

Earth Story Tellers is a global network of people who tell traditional stories capable of conveying a systemic, ecocentric and organicist worldview; this in order to develop a more just and non-violent civilisation, respectful with the Earth and her Community of Life, based on the principles and values of the Earth Charter

experiences and programmes

At Earth Story Tellers we share experiences developed in the most diverse fields where the telling of these special stories can transform the collective worldview of our societies. In addition, we organise educational programmes on worldview education, traditional stories and storytelling

Who we are

This initiative is closely associated with The Earth Stories Collection, a global bank of myths, legends and folktales capable to transmit a systemic, ecocentric and organicist worldview, and is developed in parternership by The Avalon Project, the Scottish International Stortelling Festival and Earth Charter International, at the United Nations’ University for Peace

GET INVOLVED whatever your field

Our network is open to educators of all educational levels, professional and amateur storytellers, social and environmental activists, outdoor animators, communicators, social entertainers, artists and musicians, parents, grandparents, social sciences professionals, spiritual teachers and, ultimately, every human being who is willing to spread the worldview that, according to leading social scientists, could prevent the collapse of our civilisation.


To be part of this network, that seeks to build a global civilization which is socially and economically fair, peaceful and deeply respectful of life and planet Earth, a Declaration was created. Adhering to and endorsing this Declaration allows any person in the world to start being part of this network.

If you wish to register in the Earth Story Tellers, download the Declaration, fill in the information and send us the document in pdf to


‘if not now, when?’

Earth Story Tellers was proposed by Dr Donald Smith, founder and first director of the National Theatre of Scotland and director of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival. This is one of the most important festivals of storytellers in the world.

After learning about the research of Grian Cutanda in which the proposal of the creation of The Earth Stories Collection (TESC) was made, Donald Smith proposed the creation of a global network of storytelling activists, who, among other tasks, spread the stories of TESC in their area of influence.

Because if not now, when?’ said Donald, to then ask, ‘When are we going to get involved in the effort to prevent the collapse our civilisation is headed for because climate change?’

After a first meeting of storytellers held in Edinburgh in October 2017, at the 2019 Global Storytelling Lab it was agreed to create a global network of storytelling activists who will be responsible for telling stories illustrative of the priciples and values of the Earth Charter around the world.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic made it very difficult to launch it effectively until early 2022. Since then, the Earth Story Tellers network is holding online meetings in English and Spanish every two months and is now launching this blog to share experiences that inspire other people to use the stories in TESC and spread the Earth Charter.

At Earth Story Tellers we are proud to say that

we are sowers of cultural seeds!

our mother project

the earth stories collection

a repository of myths, legends and folktales
within the framework of the earth charter

The Earth Stories Collection is the base on which Earth Story Tellers is built.

It is a is a repository of myths, legends, fables and folktales from cultures around the planet which are capable of transmitting a complex-systems worldview and of illustrating the principles and values of the Earth Charter.

It is inspired by the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway, a food crop seed bank in which seeds from all parts of the world are preserved as a food guarantee for humanity in the face of the possibility of a global crisis or disaster.

In this sense, The Earth Stories Collection is called to be a cultural seed bank, a base of global educational resources for the construction (or reconstruction) of a deeply sustainable global society, based on social and economic justice, and values of peace and democracy; that is, the values of the Earth Charter.




of The Earth Stories Collection and thus making known the Earth Charter. For this, EST professional storytellers regularly impart training courses to be announced on this page.


in which you have made use of Earth Stories, so that other people in your field are encouraged to tell them contributing in this way to build a sustainable society.


traditional stories that reflect values of sustainability, social and economic justice, peace and non-violence to be included in The Earth Stories Collection.

George MacPherson, a world institution in storytelling, Seanachaidh (clan memory) of the MacPherson and MacLeod Clans in Glendale, Isle of Skye, will be participating in this course with an online session


From 4th July to 26th August, members of Earth Story Tellers and The Earth Stories Collection will impart an 8-weeks online course in Spanish on the foundations of these two initiatives.

This course, entitled Worldviews and Earth Charter: How to Make Another World Possible Through Myths, Legends and Traditional Stories, will be organised by the UNESCO Chair of Education for Sustainable Development and the Earth Charter at the United Nations’ University for Peace.









Stay up to date with news from The Earth Stories Collection and Earth Story Tellers, the online publication of new traditional stories in TESC, new storytelling and educational experiences in EST and upcoming educational and training programmes.