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Storytelling at Zonheuvel, Doorn, the Netherlands

by Dick de Groot / the netherlands

brief summary

During the season 2022-2023 storytellers were invited to come the estate Zonheuvel
once every two months on a Sunday afternoon. In the last three sessions one of the
Earth Stories was told. Other stories were not necessarily related to Earth Charter.

experience goals

As an invited Earth Storyteller I promote the telling of stories from the Earth Stories
Collection. More explicitly I explain that Earth Stories help to change the worldview,
which is very urgent because of the rapidly deteriorating world climate and the
extinction of species.

preparing and delivering approach

Usually I select a story and tell it a few times to family or friends; since I have a time
slot, timing is also important. If appropriate I use attributes connected to the story.

Description of the experience and results

As a guest teller I have to fit in the procedure. So, I tell the story, and if time allows
something about EST and TESC. Unfortunately, with six storytellers on a row there is no
time for discussion, explanation, elaboration. This has to be discussed with the
organization. Some storytellers represent story telling clubs. Connecting these clubs with
the purpose of EST should be undertaken.

Testimonials of participants

This is something to consider next time. It requires the willingness of visitors to do so.
There was an article in the local newspaper, but it did not mention anything specific
about the stories.

contact / more information

  • Name: Dick de Groot
  • Email:
  • Phone number: +31 (0) 653748203