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Meeting with the organization of ‘Wereldwinkels’ (Worldshops)

by Dick de Groot / the netherlands

brief summary

In the mid-seventies of last century people who were trying to give Third World countries
an equal share of world trade started the Fair Trade movement, and, in the Netherlands, they opened
‘Wereldwinkels’, that is ‘World Shops’ with food and gift articles for which they paid a fair
price to the farmers and craftsmen from the Global South.
The meeting of the people involved in the Wereldwinkels was about the need for change.
Today, many supermarkets are selling fair trade articles and gift shops offer a good
choice of fair trade articles.
During the meeting the importance of telling the stories of all the articles offered in the
shops was mentioned as a unique selling point. I suggested to do this in an elaborated
way, by telling Earth Stories, organize story telling events. In this way the Wereldwinkels
can develop in a shops ‘selling, repairing or calibrating moral compasses’, and in doing
so become Earth Stoy Centres.
Later this year we shall continue to explore this idea.

experience goals

All Wereldwinkels are telling and selling Earth Stories by forming a partnership with

preparing and delivering approach

It will be necessary to start orginazing the translation of stories into Dutch by volunteers.
Besides, story telling courses should be offered freely to the mostly volunteering shops

Description of the experience and results

As a guest teller I have to fit in the procedure. So, I tell the story, and if time allows, I tell something about EST and TESC. Unfortunately, with six storytellers on a row there is no time for discussion, explanation, elaboration. This has to be discussed with the organization. Some storytellers represent story telling clubs. It should be necessary to connect these clubs with the purpose of EST.

Testimonials of participants

We have to wait for this. In the near future I hope to report about the progress of this

contact / more information

  • Name: Dick de Groot
  • Email:
  • Phone number: +31 (0) 653748203